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Dragon Wing®

Begonia 'Pink'


  • Maintenance-free, season-long performance
  • Handles stressful conditions
  • Excellent flower show
  • Offered in 4.5" green pots

Plants are available seasonally based on demand. Please check availability to order.

Ball Landscape
  • Category: Annual
  • Breeder:Ball Landscape
  • Hardiness Zone:9-10
  • Height:12-15 in
  • Spread:15-18 in
  • Spacing:12-15 in
  • Temperature:40°F
  • Bloom Color: Pink
Partial Sun
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Additional Information about Begonia Dragon Wing® 'Pink'

Some like it hot!
Even when temperatures blaze, Dragon Wing keeps on pumping out the color in gardens and planters all season. Thanks to their best-in-class “bullet-proof” performance, fast fill-in and easy-care nature, this dynamic duo is chosen by landscapers and homeowners over and over.

Plug crop time: 7 to 8 weeks
Transplant to finish: 7 to 9 weeks

  • Grows lush and vigorous in southern U.S. heat and under cool, stressful conditions of northern Europe and Canada.
  • Unique and beautiful arching, pendulous habit is spectacular in hanging baskets, large containers and commercial landscaping plantings.
  • Angel-wing leaves and large blooms give Dragon Wing a dramatically different look.
  • Easy to grow from pelleted seed, it surpasses vegetative varieties for branching, vigour and “flower power.”

Georgia Gold Medal Winners Best for: 4 and 6-in. (10 and 15-cm) pots

Vigorous Dragon Wing fills baskets, pots and shady gardens with graceful, arching foliage and large blooms. This award winner shines through heat, humidity and cool temperatures – right up until frost.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Begonia Dragon Wing® 'Pink'

Allow for plenty of room to grow in container or landscape.
Best performance in partial sun to partial shade. Average fertilization required.
Bloom Time: Spring, Late Spring, Summer