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Going Green are all words you have probably heard. We have some exciting new products to help you become more eco-friendly and more profitable!

Nature's Source

The only plant food based on natural nutrients extracted from seeds

  • Made from Soybean extract
  • Organically based and environmentally friendly
  • Mixes instantly in need for timely agitation and mixing
  • One formulation to feed everything in your garden center and landscape yard
  • Available in retail and bulk packaging from Didden’s

Elle Pots

Degradable “pot-less” pots

  • Bottomless degradable sleeves that promote healthier root development
  • Go straight from the tray to the ground
  • Eliminate pot pickup and disposal
  • Saves up to 30% in planting and labor costs
  • Reduces planting waste
  • Made with “living soil” that has 150,000 beneficial soil microbes

Jumbo Market Paks

  • Biodegradable and natural looking
  • Made from recycled newspaper

Other ways that Didden practices environmental integrity and sustainability

  • Recycle plastics: plug trays, old pots and trays, poly film, etc. 
  • Recycle cardboard 
  • Purchase supplies in bulk pallets to reduce waste 
  • Recycle our compost and give it away to customers and the community 
  • Didden's Elle pot and 1020 trays are returnable for $.10 
  • Using Biocontrols in some greenhouses (beneficial insects that eat and destroy the “bad” insects) 
  • In two of our greenhouses we can recycle/reuse water 
  • Use IPM system to reduce our use of harsh chemicals 
  • Locally grown—we try to deliver our products to you as efficiently as possible, which reduces fuel usage